Mourinho's spokesman attacks Conte: Do you know what EPO is?

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Mourinho's spokesman attacks Conte: Do you know what EPO is?

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A friend to Jose Mourinho during his stint at Real Madrid, Eladio Parames has come to the Manchester United manager's defence over remarks made by Antonio Conte. Mourinho and Conte's feud has reached new heights recently with the spat not looking like coming to an end.Parames, who currently writes for the Portuguese newspaper Record, hit out at Conte after headlining his column "Mr Conte: Do you know what EPO is" referring to his history of match-fixing back in his Serie A days. "The scandal erupted in Italy in 1995/96, ทางเข้า sbo and Juve players were accused of being doped with EPO (Erythropoietin)," Parames wrote. "The analysis was overwhelming, and the matter ended in court. "However, the process ended without anyone being severely punished, and who was the head coach of that Juventus team? Antonio Conte!"His criticism of the Italian did not only focus on doping claims but he also bought attention to, just as Mourinho did, that he had been under investigation for rigging matches. "Six months ทางเข้า sbo later this same man was accused of being involved in fixing matches, but he denied it, of course," he continued."He didn't get rid of the reputation of being involved in such shady business dealings."Regarding the comments made by Conte on Mourinho being a "small man," Parames had one last message for the Chelsea coach."This man with such a polluted past, now accuses Mourinho, amongst other things, of 'smallness,'" he said."He is not only greater than Conte in the number of titles won, but also in... hair!"The war continues.ทางเข้า sbo
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